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Elaine Campbell-Daenen is a Jamaican who has lived, worked and pursued her tertiary education in Europe. She is the holder of numerous certificates and diplomas. She studied fashion and theater designing, geography, humanities, anthropology, and law among others.


She is the holder of a Bachelor Degree in the Social Sciences which was obtained from the Open University-UK. She obtained a Master of Laws Degree with specialization in Transnational Legal Studies from the Vrije University in The Netherlands. She is presently pursing her MPhil-PhD in Law at the Faculty of Law, UWI. She is a published academic lawyer, an adjunct law lecturer and legal researcher. Her main research focuses on International Investment Law and Sustainable Development Law.


She was awarded two scholarships from the King Baudouin Foundation and TellBarroso10 EU Citizen Construction programme in Belgium for her public participation in that country.


Campbell-Daenen, Elaine. 2018. Migrants' Rights: To what extent do social movements, cause lawyering and litigation improve the protection of the rights of migrants? Journal of Law Governance and Society (JLGS), Volume 3, pp. 186-195